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Subordination Agreement

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Subordination Agreement

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Summary: A subordination agreement is an agreement by which a lien holder agrees to accept a lien position junior to that of a later-recorded lien holder. For example, when a lien holder agrees to subordinate, a formal agreement must be drawn, signed and recorded to make it a legal transaction. Subordinations may apply to any type of debt interests. Use this subordination agreement to document all of your subordinated debt arrangements.


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Loan Date: ________________________

Maturity Date: _____________________

Loan No: __________________________

Collateral: ___________________________________________________

Account Number: _____________________________________________

Officer Name: ________________________________________________

Officer Initials: _______________________________________________

References in the shaded area are for Lender’s use only and do not limit the applicability of this document to any particular loan or item.





XXXXXXXXX Bankers Group, Inc.


Address: ____________________________________________________________________________


Creditor Name

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________



is made and executed among ABC Corporation, 123 Main Street, Anywhere, IN 12345 ("Borrower"); ("Creditor"); and XXXXXXXXX Bankers Group, Inc.; xxxx Keystone Crossing; Suite xxx; Indianapolis, IN 462xx ("Lender").

CURRENT INDEBTEDNESS OWING TO CREDITOR. As of the date of this Agreement, Borrower is indebted to Creditor in the aggregate amount of $ ____________________. This amount is the total indebtedness of every kind from Borrower to Creditor. 

REQUESTED FINANCIAL ACCOMMODATIONS. Borrower and Creditor each want Lender to provide financial accommodations to Borrower in the form of (A) new credit or loan advances, (B) an extension of time to pay or other compromises regarding all or part of Borrower's present indebtedness to Lender, or (C) other benefits to Borrower. Borrower and Creditor each represent and acknowledge to Lender that Creditor will benefit as a result of these financial accommodations from Lender to Borrower, and Creditor acknowledges receipt of valuable consideration for entering into this Agreement. 

Based on the representations and acknowledgments contained in this Agreement, Borrower and Creditor agree with Lender as follows:

SUBORDINATED INDEBTEDNESS. The words "Subordinated Indebtedness" as used in this Agreement mean all present and future indebtedness, obligations, liabilities, claims, rights, and demands of any kind which may be now or hereafter owing from Borrower to Creditor.

The term "Sub-ordinated Indebtedness" is used in its broadest sense and includes without limitation all principal, all interest, all costs, attorneys' fees, all sums paid for the purpose of protecting the rights of a  

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