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Equipment Maintenance Agreement

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Equipment Maintenance Agreement

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Summary: Equipment maintenance contracts are an efficient way of keeping your necessary and expansive capital equipment and hardware up and running and in excellent condition. Equipment maintenance agreements are similar to an insurance policy because they protect you from large out-of-pocket expenses in the event of equipment failure, allow you to focus on your business, and keep your equipment in working condition before a problem occurs. This equipment maintenance agreement can be used to formalize an agreed upon maintenance arrangement for all types of equipment and hardware and is easily customizable to meet your needs.


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Agreement No.:                   

This Agreement, effective this _____ of ___________, 20XX, made and entered into by and between ________________________________, hereinafter called ���Maintenance Provider” and ________________________________, hereinafter call  “Customer”.

CUSTOMER:                                                                                                                           Phone:                        

Address:                                                                                                                                  Fax:                              




1.     Customer, for the full, complete and faithful performance of this Agreement, agrees to pay Maintenance Provider in accordance with the rates and prices as stated herein.

2.     Equipment Covered by this Agreement (the “Equipment”):

                      Type                                Description                Serial Number            Location

















































3.     Place of Servicing:   The Equipment is to be serviced at the closest Maintenance Provider location or, if the Equipment is permanently installed, at Permanent Installation Location:



4.     Term:     This Agreement is in effect either:

 ___________ months or  From___________ To: _______       (The “Term”). 

5.     Type of Service:

a.     Basic Service.  Customer will be entitled to servicing of the Equipment ______ times during the Term of this Agreement (the “Basic Service”).

b.     Additional Service.  Any services performed by Maintenance Provider in addition to the Basic Service, including travel time to a work site other than at a Maintenance Provider’s location, shall be limited by Maintenance Provider’s availability (“Additional Service”).  Such additional service, if any, will be specified by separate schedule (Attachment A).

6.     Rates for Maintenance:

a.     Basic Service. $_________, per hour plus any taxes (“Basic Rate”).

b.     Rate of Additional Service $_________ per hour at Maintenance Provider’s location or $_______ per  hour at any Permanent Installation Location, plus any taxes (“Additional Rate”).

c.     Rate for Service Due to Customer’s Abuse, Mishandling or Improper Operation of the Equipment:  Maintenance Provider’s current regular hourly rate .

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