ClickUp vs Hive Review

In the competitive world of project management software, ClickUp and Hive both try to steal the show – but which one is the better application?  Project management software is a crucial element in ensuring any business’s success. Good project

In the competitive world of project management software, ClickUp and Hive both try to steal the show – but which one is the better application? 

Project management software is a crucial element in ensuring any business’s success. Good project management software can make the logistics of running a business a whole lot easier – from encouraging employee collaboration to maintaining project schedules, meeting deadlines, ensuring proper task assignment, and beyond. 

Management software can help you run your business smoothly and efficiently, but choosing the right software is the most important part. After all, you will be assigning your company’s groundwork and tasks to this management software, so why not ensure you are using the best one there is? 

In this ClickUp vs. Hive comparison, we are going over the key features, benefits, and disadvantages of both these wildly popular management systems. 

Complete from price comparisons and user reviews to a deep look into the good, the bad, and the ugly – let’s find out which project management software is actually the best!


Taken at face value, ClickUp seems to be a better option as compared to Hive. With over 2200 reviews and a 4.7 rating, it has better customer feedback than Hive, which has 142 testimonials and an overall 4.5 rating. 

Pricepoint is the biggest deal-breaker when it comes to software purchases, and ClickUp takes the win in this regard as well. Although both management software are subscription-based and offer a free trial, ClickUp allows users to make a free account while Hive does not. ClickUp’s subscription plans start from as little as $5 a month, while Hive is pricier at $12.

 One of ClickUp’s best features is its accessibility. ClickUp can be used by businesses of any type and size, while Hive is a more streamlined option for medium to large-scale business management. A large number of user reviews praise Hive for its better user interface, while ClickUp’s large range of tools and features seem overwhelming to some. 

Even then, both management software have their own pros and cons, and it is difficult to put it all in a nutshell without thoroughly diving into their features. If you are still on the fence about which software to implement for your business’s operations – read right on! 


1- Interface

A frequent point of customer dissatisfaction with ClickUp is the interface. Numerous reviews have stated that the software’s features almost seem overcrowded, and the interface can be quite complicated to use, especially during the initial set-up. Businesses that use ClickUp have also said that the software requires a high learning curve. It is not super easy to integrate into the business workings, and employees take longer adjusting to its systems. 

Some of the features are also deemed unnecessary, saying that they overlap with others and only crowd the application further. There are also user complaints about the small text, empty panels, and faint colors that can be difficult to read at times. 

There are also similar concerns about Hive’s interface. Users face difficulty in navigating through the software and need additional time to adapt to its features. Many reviews find the functions hard to understand, and state that it requires a long learning process, including configuring and personalizing the software. 

The interface complaints seem to overlap for the two project management software, but both are still rated a solid 4.5 on functionality by many users. It’s hard to decide which app is better in this feature, but users state that once you familiarize yourself with the software, the advantages of both far outstrip the cons. 

2- Pricing 

Pricing is the make-or-break factor when determining if management software is worth it, especially for smaller-scale businesses that cannot afford to spare the extra bucks. 

When it comes to pricing, ClickUp clearly takes the crown. The app offers both a free trial and a free version, while Hive does not have a free version. Both the systems charge per feature, but ClickUp is much cheaper at $5 while Hive is available for $12. 

ClickUp’s free version comes complete with 100 MB Storage, unlimited members and tasks, and cloud-based activity, meaning that you can tackle any project using the software’s free version. The free version also boasts unlimited views and integrations, with guests, permissions, goals, portfolios, and custom fields as all part of the package. 

There is also a business version of the software, ranging from $9 to $19 per month. This includes all features of the normal plan, and additionally, offers 10,000 automations per month, alongside extra guests, private, protected, and default views and custom exporting. 

Users have highly praised this software for offering the largest range of advanced features at rip-off prices when compared to competing apps.

Hive, on the other hand, is definitely on the more expensive side. The cheapest version of the software costs $12 per month when paid annually and $16 when paid monthly. There is a 14-day free trial offered, but no cost-free version. The pricing model is subscription-based, and add-ons are available to the pricing package. One good feature of Hive’s pricing is its offers of generous discounts to non-profit organizations.

3- Integrations 

In integrations, too, ClickUp comes out on top. The software allows users to integrate with a whopping 300+ apps, allowing businesses to view and manage different software all from the same place. Users can integrate their ClickUp profiles with apps such as Grammarly, Cloud Based, Unito, Shift, Support Bee, Asana, Trello, Jira, Google Sheets – the list goes on! 

The app’s one-of-a-kind integration feature enables users a true one-size-fits-all solution to project management. Users can simply connect ClickUp with any other apps they regularly use in their business, and won’t have to stress over switching between software at any interval. And as for the cherry on top, businesses can also use ClickUp’s public App Integration feature to custom make their integrations, meaning you can quite literally connect with any and every third-party app on the market. 

On the other hand, Hive integrates with a more modest 28 of the most popular business management apps. The app also does not have a custom integration feature, and thus loses to ClickUp in this regard. 

If you are a business owner, an entrepreneur, or even a freelancer looking to automate your workflows and bring all your different tools onto one dashboard, using ClickUp is your best bet. And what’s more, you can even make your own connections with applications that the software doesn’t already integrate with! 

4- Features

Project management software’s features are the most important thing to consider when deciding if it’s good enough for your business. After all, even if it’s on the pricier side, most businesses would be willing to pay a bit more if it means getting good value for their money. 

When it comes to features, ClickUp again does not disappoint. Despite the low price point, the software offers an amazing 240 general features as compared to Hive’s 131. And when looking at the top 20 features any project management app should have, ClickUp has all 20. 

If we compare the general features both apps offer, a clear difference can be seen. Hive does not offer important management tools such as alerts, activity management, automated scheduling, budgeting and forecasting, client management, and campaign management, just to name a few. 

There are also no options for social media integration, supplier management, real-time chat, labor forecasting, and email marketing, while ClickUp offers all of the above and more.

 When turning to customer reviews, users frequently complain that Hive does not allow them to create dependent tasks, despite saying that it allows automated workflows. 

It can be tough to continually set up dependent tasks for recurring requirements. ClickUp, on the other hand, provides a complete, effective task management system tool that makes it simpler for businesses to structure how they tackle projects and ensure they deliver work on time. 

In the general, in a comparison of ClickUp to Hive and other apps, ClickUp stands out for the attention to detail in its making. Although most of the software’s additional features might be deemed ‘extra’ by the competition, businesses are responding to them extremely well. Customers have praised the software for addressing the minor details that are missing from most of the competitor apps and said that it has greatly and positively impacted their business’s day-to-day running operations.  

5- Customer Size

Every business has a unique working model, priorities and specialized needs, and this is why every project management software might not be suitable for all businesses. When deciding to purchase project management software for your business, it’s important to first identify if you fit within the category that software generally serves. 

When it comes to customer size that ClickUp and Hive cater to, ClickUp stands out for also being helpful to smaller businesses or even solo workers and freelancers. ClickUp provides powerful team tools, but unlike other management software, it also works just as well for solo workers. Its vast array of features are perfect for a lone entrepreneur running a small-scale business, while other apps mostly only carry features to support teams. 

However, Hive has to be commended for its team tools. The software is perfect for large to medium-scale businesses that wish to focus on team collaboration. This makes perfect sense since Hive’s motto is to ‘help teams work faster’. 

It’s a great tool for organizing projects for large teams, and every member of the team is informed about any updates on the status of the project. It is also ideal for working on complex projects, especially for businesses looking to simplify the groundwork of project assigning.

 In this regard, both have their own pros and cons, and it all comes down to what your business size and needs are. If you are a freelancer or solo worker, ClickUp will be perfect to meet your demands. If you run a large-scale organization and need help with team collaboration, Hive is the way to go. 

ClickUp vs. Hive: The Winner 

After considering all the features discussed above, ClickUp can safely be labeled the better project management software as a whole. ClickUp is especially unique from other software with regards to its full-featured free version. Even when it’s completely free of cost or relatively cheaper, its list of features, integrations, and offerings are far more extensive than other apps that are at the pricier end of things. 

The app’s unique advantages and benefits are evident from how much success it has achieved in such a short amount of time. ClickUp currently attracts an astonishing 100,000 plus teams from all across the globe and boasts incredible reviews on every platform. 

It is a customer-centric software that continually provides new features, improvements, and enhancements, implementing fresh changes based on user complaints. It is ideal for communicative project management and allows businesses to efficiently manage and oversee all important projects and everyday operations.

It also offers highly efficient solutions to marketing tasks, allowing teams to collaborate on a project with its video conferencing and live chat features. ClickUp is also notable for its cost-effectiveness. By allowing teams and organizations to handle all important tasks from one place, that too at a very low price, ClickUp prevents costs from piling up. 

It can offer a robust replacement to using multiple applications with its integration features and minimizes the costs of project management by providing a single platform where you can get all your tasks done. 

Hive is praised by users for the clear-cut and concise way in which it can present daily workload and task management to team members. It is particularly efficient in ensuring team collaboration and combined work, and that is why it is trusted by large-scale companies and business giants worldwide. 


In the end, the project management software you choose for your business is entirely up to you! Before making your decision, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of both software and decide which one will align best with your business’s operations. Both ClickUp and Hive also offer free trials, so waste no more time! Try out both now and decide for yourself which one you like better.